High performance systems don't happen by accident.

With the right experience, expertise, and processes, you can realize that higher level of performance in your technology stack. - 2MP Group

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Why Choose a Technology Consultant?

You are an expert at what you do, your time should be spent on growing your business, not trying to interpret the acronyms' of technology.

Take 3 min, watch the video, and learn the advantages of engaging 2MP Group as your Technology Consultants.

Sensible Mobility

Today we are more mobile and connected than in any other time. Traditional support is nowhere while you are out there, anywhere. What would be nice is to have coverage everywhere. Your anywhere can be covered everywhere. 2MP Group can show you how.

IT Made Easy

A majority of system failures are preventable, if we take a consistent approach to maintaining those systems. The problem with consistency is that it often takes time. Now we have to balance billable time with maintenance time, or maybe not… 2MP can take care of your systems (Computers and Mobile Devices) while you do what you do best!


Whether your own policies or government requirements, safeguards on internal and client information is just a reality of today's business environment.

Accountants are required by the IRS to have a security plan in writing to do taxes. The medical community needs to deal with HIPAA and retail is concerned with PCI.

Let's talk, with experience in compliance and data security for military information, 2MP Group can not only guide you with a workable plan, but implement that plan.

Service Philosophy

You do what you do well, supporting what you do should be done in excellence. Support that is almost transparent, because everything just works.

Outstanding Services Level Agreements (SLAs) and low ticket times are not quite enough. Proactively preventing issues before they affect your workflow should be the focus.

We love telling our clients about the challenge they never knew about, protecting their processes from being interrupted by technical failures.

You are not in the digital systems business, we are. More than IT support, 2MP group is the partner that ensures that what you do is better because of the solutions we provide to you.

Apps running right

By scanning for missing updates, hotfixes, and patches then properly applying them, we avoid hacking, slowdowns, and ineffective apps and software.

Now your information is safer, your frustrations are lowered, and your smile is bigger. Contact 2MP Group today and let the happiness begin.

What are we doing for you?

  • Avoiding Cyberattacks, and revenue loss.
  • Reducing fees through best practices
  • Moving IT from a Capital Expense to an Operational Expense
  • Optimizing your technology, now you're outpacing the competition
  • Making your business run more productively
  • Reaching your goals by aligning your systems with your objectives
  • Personalizing success from day 1
  • Technical reviews to ensure we are all moving in the right direction
  • Moving beyond the void of just planning by implementing good strategic action
  • Sharing the insight, so you gain our years of experiences.